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The world of scholarship is changing rapidly. Increasing demands on scholars, the growing size and complexity of questions and problems to be addressed, and advances in sophistication of data collection, analysis, and presentation require new approaches to scholarship. A ubiquitous, open information infrastructure for scholarship, consisting of linked open data, open-source software tools, and a community committed to sustainability are emerging to meet the needs of scholars today.

In a "Chats in the Stacks" book talk, Jon Corson-Rikert, Brian Lowe and Dean Krafft discuss VIVO as part of the Synthesis Lectures on the Semantic Web: Theory and Technology series. The book provides an introduction to VIVO, a tool for representing information about research and researchers -- their scholarly works, research interests, and organizational relationships. Begun as a project at Cornell and further developed by an NIH funded consortium, VIVO is now being established as an open-source project with community participation from around the world.

Corson-Rikert is head of Information Technology Services at Mann Library and the initial VIVO developer at Cornell starting in 2003. Krafft is the Chief Technology Strategist and director of Information Technology at Cornell Library, and Lowe is a software developer at Mann Library.