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A. D. White Professor-at-Large Wynton Marsalis performs with Cornell University Jazz Band and Wind Symphony, and the Cornell Symphony Orchestra performs Marsalis’ newly rearranged Blues Symphony.


  • Blues Symphony, Movement 3 (Marsalis)
  • Blues Symphony, Movement 2 (Marsalis)
  • Blues Symphony, Movement 4 (Marsalis)
  • Blues Symphony, Movement 5 (Marsalis)
  • Overture to Candide (Bernstein, trans. Grundman)
  • Starmaker (Marini, arr. Merrill)
  • Cherokee Sketches (Pauer, arr. Brown)
  • Concerto for Cootie (Ellington, trans. Berger, Spinazzola)
  • Prologue from West Side Story (Bernstein, arr. Grusin, trans. Spinazzola)
  • "A Portrait of Louis Armstrong" from New Orleans Suite (Ellington, trans. Berger)
  • "Acknowledgment" from A Love Supreme (Coltrane, arr. Marsalis, trans. Spinazzola)
  • "Tourist Point of View" from Far East Suite (Ellington, arr. Spinazzola, trans. Berger, Merrill, Spinazzola)