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Disability Accommodation?

What impact can theater have on the lives of incarcerated men in a maximum security prison? Bruce Levitt, Cornell professor of performing and media arts, is working with inmates to find out. Honored as the inaugural recipient of the Engaged Scholar Prize for his work as a facilitator for the Phoenix Players Theatre Group at Auburn Correctional Facility, Levitt delivered a lecture on his time with the troupe and his corresponding documentary, "Human Again," Oct. 28, 2016.

Following the lecture, Levitt participated in a panel discussion with Roadside Theater Artistic Director Dudley Cocke, who has taught theater at Cornell as an artist in residence; and Sandra Folasewa Oyeneyin ’14, a production coordinator for National Geographic Studios, who volunteered with the Phoenix Players as a Cornell student.

The Engaged Scholar Prize honors a distinguished faculty member who inspires students, colleagues and the community through innovative projects that integrate community engagement with scholarly activities.