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Disability Accommodation?

One of the hottest topics in HR is rethinking the employee experience as companies across industries look to reshape the workplace to create the experiences that can help to attract, engage, and retain key talent. One of the key tools that HR leaders are using to identify and reshape aspects of the employee experience is design thinking. While originally developed in the context of customer experience and development of new products, design thinking also serves as an effective tool and set of guiding principles for HR leaders to identify meaningful moments that impact and engage employees in root cause analysis and brainstorming of alternative solutions, and in effectively driving change management around new initiatives.

In this webcast, Chris Collins, director of the Cornell Center for Advanced Human Resources Studies (CAHRS), discusses some of the key aspects of design thinking in the context of rethinking the employee experience and talk about recent examples of design thinking in action drawn from recent CAHRS working groups on the employee experience and engagement.