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Disability Accommodation?

Who are we? And where do we come from? The story of humanity's journey can be found within each of us—encoded in our DNA.

Two hundred randomly chosen Cornell undergraduate volunteers lined up in Kennedy Hall Feb. 1, 2011 to provide a cheek swab for DNA to test their deep ancestries for the new Cornell Genetic Ancestry Project. Their genetic histories were revealed April 14 by Chip Aquadro, Director of the Genetic Ancestry Project, and Spencer Wells, Director of National Geographic's Genographic Project. Wells shared the stories of three students whose DNA led to some fascinating insights.

Includes a clip of a student documentary-in-progress by Marilyn Rivchin's Documentary Workshop class (FILM 3771).

The Cornell University Genetic Ancestry Event is an initiative of the Cornell Center for Comparative and Population Genomics, carried out in collaboration with National Geographic's Genographic Project.