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Disability Accommodation?

While external hiring can bring many potential benefits to an organization -- acquiring new knowledge, infusing your organization with demographic and thought diversity, and weakening competitors through poaching -- it is also incredibly expensive, and external hires often fail to live up to expectations. As a result, many companies are beginning to prioritize internal hiring and supporting employees who want to move within their organizations. The most recent survey data available on this topic indicate that around half of global companies are committed to investing more resources in internal hiring than they have in the recent past. The challenge lies in making the right decisions to maximize the return on any investments in internal hiring; a challenge made more difficult by the surprising lack of information available around what investments different companies are making and whether or not those investments are paying off in terms of retention, satisfaction, quality of (internal) hire, and company performance.

In this webcast, JR Keller, Assistant Professor, Human Resources, ILR School, Cornell University will look at different approaches to internal hiring, how internal hiring processes shape who advances within organizations, and how to handle unsuccessful internal applications. The webcast will also include time for Professor Keller to take questions from participants.