"Andrew D. White, its first president, and Ezra Cornell, who gave it his name, turned out to be the developers of the first American university and therefore the agents of revolutionary curricular reform."

Frederick Rudolph in Curriculum: A History of the American Undergraduate Course of Study since 1636 (Jossey-Bass, 1978)

Cornell University's colleges, schools, and other academic units offer more than 4,000 courses, 70 undergraduate majors, 93 graduate fields of study, undergraduate and advanced degrees, and continuing education and outreach programs.

Academic Units

Goldwyn Smith Hall
Colleges, Schools, and Faculties
Cornell has seven undergraduate colleges; a graduate school; professional-degree schools in business management, medicine, law, and veterinary medicine; and affiliated faculty units.
Cornell's nearly 100 academic departments offer an astounding variety of degree programs and other types of curricula.
Centers, Institutes, Laboratories, and Programs
Cornell's numerous designated national centers and programs and other interdisciplinary research and study units support and advance every aspect of the university, are directly accessible to members of the Cornell community and others, and help ensure that Cornell maintains a global presence and perspective.
McGraw Hall Johnson Museum

What are Cornell Students Learning?

A Cornell education prepares students for life's journey. Our distinctive approach combines a liberal arts education with the rigors of scientific inquiry. Students learn to be critical thinkers with a global outlook poised to respond to the challenges ahead.

Faculty Portrait

Fredrik Logevall

Fredrik Logevall

Vice Provost for International Affairs

Logevall, a professor of history with expertise in U.S. foreign relations, sets the context for his Pulitzer Prize-winning book, Embers of War.

Student Portrait

Adarsh Jayakumar

Adarsh Jayakumar

Arts and Sciences

Jayakumar, a top-ranked chess player, talks about his passion for the game, his other varied interests, and balancing it all at Cornell.