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Disability Accommodation?

Consider this: In a state where overall manufacturing jobs shrunk 9 percent from 2005-11, with total wages dropping 21 percent, one sector has bucked that trend - New York's dairy industry. Over that same time, even as the state and national economies struggled, New York's dairy manufacturing job base increased by 3 percent, with a 14 percent jump in total wages paid to local workers and an estimated 5.72 local jobs multiplier benefit.

One of the driving forces behind that success story is the boom in New York's milk-intensive yogurt industry, where production has more than doubled since 2005 - with new plants being expanded or constructed and investment pouring in from around the world.

On November 8, 2012, State, industry and academic leaders gather for an open forum on New York's yogurt boom, and how to maximize its benefit to the dairy industry, local communities and consumers. The forum was followed by a yogurt production and quality demonstration, and a walkthrough the $105 million Stocking Hall Dairy Plant, training and teaching facility.