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Join Elaine Wethington and Rachel Dunifon for a "Chats in the Stacks" talk about their new book "Research for the Public Good: Applying the Methods of Translational Research to Improve Human Health and Well-Being" (Bronfenbrenner Series on the Ecology of Human Development) (American Psychological Association (APA), May 15, 2012).

Helping to bridge the gaps among research, policy, and practice, their book demonstrates how emerging methods of translational research can help us develop programs and policies that improve human health and well-being. This broader, more inclusive approach to translational research has gained popularity and been promoted by the National Institutes of Health, the Centers for Disease Control, medical centers, and university programs.

Elaine Wethington is professor and director of graduate studies in the Department of Human Development at Cornell. She is a specialist in the sociology of mental health, aging, and the life course. Rachel Dunifon is associate professor in the Department of Policy Analysis and Management in the College of Human Ecology, and they are both associate directors in Cornell's Bronfenbrenner Center for Translational Research. Dr. Dunifon's expertise is in the area of child and family policy.