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Disability Accommodation?

How can one person have a real impact on something as large as the climate crisis? In her new book “In This Together: Connecting with Your Community to Combat the Climate Crisis” (Cornell University Press, 2023), Marianne Krasny weaves together scholarly insights on behavioral and structural change with concrete examples of climate-forward initiatives to demonstrate practical ways individuals can connect with others to inspire hope and effect widespread change.In a Chats in the Stacks book talk presented at Cornell University’s Mann Library in September 2023, Krasny, professor and director of graduate studies in natural resources and the environment, and director of the Cornell Civic Ecology Lab, distills current assessments of the difference that individual climate actions--such as eating a plant-rich diet or advocating for climate policies--through Network Climate Action—can make for mitigating global warming. As Dr. Krasny points out, leveraging our close-tie social networks can make a critical difference in our ability to scale individual action up for wider impact.