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Disability Accommodation?

Have you ever wondered if what you say and do really matters? Or perhaps you’ve hoped nobody noticed a mistake you made? In her latest book, You Have More Influence Than You Think (W. W. Norton, 2021), Vanessa Bohns demonstrates that, for better or worse, people do see and hear us much more than we realize, and that we therefore impact others more than we may expect. In a hybrid (in-person and live-streamed) Chats in the Stacks book talk Bohns, associate professor in the Department of Organizational Behavior in the ILR School, weaves together her original research and compelling stories to illustrate how and why failing to recognize our own impact can lead to both missed opportunities and accidental misuses of power, while offering science-based strategies for better managing the effect we have on others. You Have More Influence Than You Think was named a 2021 Best Book for Ethical Leaders by Notre Dame’s Deloitte Center for Ethical Leadership and a Top Business Title of the Month by the Financial Times.