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Disability Accommodation?

In the last decade, Chinese multinational corporations have been giving formerly dominant western companies a run for their money—a trend that has affected investment flows, business models, and the process of global innovation. How can businesses compete and even collaborate with powerful Chinese firms? In this Chats in the Stacks talk, Lourdes Casanova, a senior lecturer and the academic director of the Emerging Markets Institute in the Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management, discusses "The Era of Chinese Multinationals: Competing for Global Dominance" (Academic Press, 2019), which she wrote with Anne Miroux, a faculty fellow at the Emerging Markets Institute.

In their book, Casanova and Miroux explore both the history and the characteristics of surging Chinese firms in terms of revenue, profit, branding, and business strategies. They also use data, interviews, and case studies to provide insights on the Chinese government’s expansionist policies, global acquisitions, and efforts to make China an innovation hub.