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For GPS, use the street address of the Martin Y. Tang Welcome Center at 616 Thurston Ave., Ithaca, NY 14853 (lat./lng.: 42.4522, -76.4804). Our road closures page contains details that may affect driving directions. Our alternative text listings page presents our map data in tables.

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The printable map should have opened in a new window or tab. Use {{ shortenedURL }} to recreate a static version of the visible map above. If the map had any markers, note that only a limited number of them can appear on the printable map and it cannot show the location names. Single-letter markers will be used instead because that is the only option Google provides.

Your map feedback has been received. Thanks for taking the time to submit it. Cornell staff will consider it and respond shortly.

Please note that Cornell staff cannot correct road names, road routes, or satellite images.

You are encouraged to the use the regular Google Maps site "Send Product Feedback" link (on the lower right corner) to request changes from Google directly.