Examining a building model for Reimagining the Mall event

Challenge Yourself

Teaching and learning, research and engagement: A Cornell education is rigorous—every aspect is geared to prepare you to improve the world.

The Cornell Experience

You'll interact closely with world-class faculty and a diverse student body, each a collaborator in learning, in research, and in service. They're here to help you push yourself and your ideas further than you could ever push them on your own.

  • 4,000
    Courses across 100 academic departments
  • 80
    Undergraduate majors and more than 120 minors
  • 102
    Graduate fields of study

In the Classroom

You'll actively explore the material before you, design a formal line of inquiry and follow it, work with various teams, and get your hands dirty. This may be the Ivy League, but we exist in and learn from the world around us.

A female and male student peer through a metal tube.
Students look through a particle accelerator

Academic Excellence

Long-lost Moog synthesizer finally makes it to the stage
A piece of synthesizer history has been given an unexpected second life and is now a part of Cornell’s instrument collection, after eight months of meticulous and often confounding work by a group of synthesizer builders.
Can the study of bones and seashells shed light on breast cancer research?
An interdisciplinary project is looking at calcium mineral deposits (called microcalcifications) associated with breast cancer and using materials science approaches to “fingerprint” the calcifications to look for clues about their pathology.
How can upcycling polyester help to curb textile waste?
In a fast-fashion, throw-clothes-away world, textile expert Juan Hinestroza (Human Ecology) and a group of scientists have new ways to recycle wasted polyester into new useful products..

In the Field

A male and female firefighter practicing using a firehose.
Dyson students carry a handmade canoe donated to Haudenosaunee youth to the water for its inaugural journey

Service with a Purpose

Public service is a pillar of Cornell academics. It not only enriches the community—it enriches your understanding of how ideas work in the real world.

A group of people in the middle of ancient ruins.
Studying wheat's resistance to rust in Tamil Nadu, India

Global Perspectives, Global Opportunities

Our office is located in Ithaca, New York, but you can study just about anywhere your academic inquiries take you.