Colleges and Schools

Fourteen colleges and schools, each autonomous in its programs, its admissions, its faculty, and its support. Each working together as Cornell University to serve you, your needs and Cornell's specific missions.

Cornell University is home to contract colleges and schools that were created by an Act of the New York State Legislature and receive direct funding from New York State. They are at the core of our public partnership with the SUNY program. Their mission is linked directly to the economic and social well-being of New York State.

Undergraduate Colleges and Schools

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

College of Architecture, Art, and Planning

College of Arts and Sciences

College of Engineering

School of Hotel Administration (SHA)

College of Human Ecology

School of Industrial and Labor Relations (ILR)

Special-Mission Faculty Units

Faculty of Computing and Information Science

Graduate and Professional Colleges and Schools

Cornell Tech (New York City)

Graduate School

Cornell Law School

Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management

College of Veterinary Medicine

Weill Cornell Medical (New York City)

Weill Cornell Medical (Doha, Qatar)

Weill Cornell Graduate School of Medical Sciences (New York City)

Continuing Education

School of Continuing Education and Summer Sessions