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Accessibility Statement

Cornell University is committed to diversity and inclusiveness, with the goal of providing an accessible, usable, and welcoming environment to all. As we worked to redesign in 2014, user accessibility was foremost in our minds and we will continue to prioritize it in the following ways:

All videos featured on the site will have captions.

  • When posting timely content or breaking news such as live streams, initial archives of press conferences, and the like, captions may not be immediately available to users, but will be added to the file in short order.
  • Captions will be turned off by default, but will be selectable by the user via the player interface.

The team will work with Student Disability Services to do routine accessibility audits by people with disabilities.

  • Additionally, we will run regular accessibility scans using tools available to us online.

We will continue to code the site using best practices regarding accessibility and will stay abreast of developments in the field as the site matures, making changes as necessary and appropriate.

Supported Browsers

We have performed extensive testing to ensure usability across a wide range of platforms and devices. However, to maximize your experience, we recommend a modern browser.

We support the current and previous two releases of Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge, and the iOS and Android mobile operating systems.

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