Health & Well-Being

What do you need to build your foundation for academic and personal success? We see the big picture when it comes to personal well-being and we'll help you in an integrative way.

A Holistic Approach

What does healthy mean to you?

Whatever you need to pursue a healthy lifestyle—or discover new ways to lead one—we'll help. Even if that means finding your own community, or just that constructive stress buster to get you through finals.

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Facilities & Services

Cornell Health is a nationally recognized leader in health care with an integrated approach to well-being. And it is just one element in our caring community approach. Simply put: Cornellians are committed to taking care of ourselves and looking out for one another.

Cornell's Caring Community web site will help you locate offices, services, and organizations in every corner of the campus that offer you assistance, support, connection, intervention, reporting, and advocacy.